Yonex Ezone 98 Plus (305gr)

Cod: YXR123     Mod: 07EZ98PB
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Head Size: 98
Weight: 305
Beam Width: 23.5-24.5-19.5
Balance: 325
Length: 27.5
String Pattern: 16x19
String Tension (range min - max): 20-27 kg
Bag: Included
Strung: No

The seventh generation of Yonex Ezone rackets, compared to the previous version, provide players with even more power with a better feeling of softness and comfort.

The Ezone 98 is also available in the plus version, about 1.5 cm longer, this generates greater leverage that guarantees more powerful shots. On the other hand, there is a minimal loss of handling, which can be controlled well after a short period of use of the racket.

To produce a powerful racquet without sacrificing comfort, the Yonex team focused on perfecting the frame shape and adding a new, superior quality graphite material.
The latter, the 2G-Namd SPEED, is able to maintain its flexion even during rapid movements, the result is an improved feel and faster ball speed.
While the frame structure is thicker with a convex design, so as to reduce unwanted twisting of the racket on off-center shots, for greater stability and power.

The Yonex Ezone 98 Plus is the ideal racquet for intermediate to advanced players looking for a longer racquet to dominate with controllable power and comfort.

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