Babolat Pure Strike 2024

Babolat Pure Strike 2024: Features and perfect choices for every player

The news

The new Pure Strike 2024 rackets introduce two innovative technologies: NF2-TECH and Frame String Interaction Control. NF2-TECH technology uses natural flax fibers for optimal vibration absorption, improving sensation and control. Frame String Interaction Control combines a tighter string pattern with a woofer system for superior control and extraordinary sensitivity.

Here are the 8 rackets in the range:

    - maximum control and precision. For versatile players with large movements that create play.
  • PURE STRIKE 16/19:
    - reference point for aggressive hitters with wide swing ranges.
  • PURE STRIKE 18/20:
    - provides stability and consistency for aggressive hitters looking for control.
  • PURE STRIKE 100 16x20:
    - combines control and dynamism for aggressive counterattacking players, with a modern speed-based game.
  • PURE STRIKE 100:
    - dynamic control ideal for counterattackers with greater tolerance.
    - offers greater maneuverability for players looking for a sensation of fluidity and control of trajectories.
    - extremely easy to handle, perfect for junior players and those who want to improve their game.
  • - version designed for young people.

The refined aesthetics of the Babolat Pure Strike 2024

And now let's talk about style! The refined aesthetic of the Babolat Pure Strike 2024 will get you noticed on the court. An eye-catching design, thoughtful details and vibrant colors make these rackets a real gem.

Complete look

Complete your look

Complete your look with the white RPM Hurricane rope, the stylish Pure Strike bags and the Jet Mach 3 and Jet Tere 2 shoe models. Accessories such as a towel, t-shirt, socks, cap and wristbands, all in the vibrant Pure Strike colors , are designed to complete your equipment in style. Each element not only offers high-level performance but accompanies you with determination on every tennis court. Explore the complete Pure Strike range and immerse yourself in the essence of a complete and sophisticated tennis experience.