WilsonPro Staff 97 L CV

Cod: WR1046     Mod: WRT73921


Head Size: 97
Weight: 290
Beam Width: 23
Balance: 325
Length: 27
String Pattern: 16x19
String Tension: 23-27 kg
Bag / Fodero: Not Included
Strung / Incordata: No
Wilson Pro Staff 97 L CV WRT73921
Wilson Pro Staff 97 L CVWilson Pro Staff 97 L CVWilson Pro Staff 97 L CV
189,90 +189 ACE

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Wilson Pro Staff 97 L CV WRT73921

Wilson Pro Staff 97 L CV

ProStaff fans looking for more maneuverability will find their solution in this model!

Designed in collaboration with Roger Federer, this lightweight version of the Pro Staff 97 offers great quality management and transmission of game feelings.

From the sophisticated look, the Wilson Pro Staff 97 CV tennis racket is new in the line, which goes hand in hand, but will probably also replace the 97 LS in the near future.

With its 290 grams, it is the lightest racket of the Pro Staff 97 CV series, with a classic 16 × 19 pattern, to gain a larger market share than the LS.

Countervail technology optimizes control, reduces muscle fatigue and allows you to recover faster.

A tennis racket aimed at mid-level tennis players who enjoy a fast pace of play and great ability to play without disdaining control.

Wilson Pro Staff 97 L CV


Braided Graphite provides a pure, solid and consistent feel that players have loved for decades. This strong construction also dampens vibration and enhances touch and control.
A special carbon fiber integrated in the frame, thanks to vibration absorption, diminishes the transfer of kinetic energy from the ball to the body so that the player can reduce muscular fatigue and recuperation time. The same technology is used by NASA during space flights.
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