Nike Challenge Silo

Nike Challenge Silo:
new models for high performance.

Nike has always been synonymous with excellent performance and innovation in the world of tennis. With three new models of tennis shoes, Zoom GP Challenge 1, Zoom GP Challenge Pro and Court Lite 4, Nike confirms this ongoing commitment and offers tennis players perfect allies they can trust even in the most challenging matches.

Nike Zoom GP Challenge 1:
responsive performance and superior cushioning

The Nike Zoom GP Challenge 1 is designed for those who aspire to become the best on the court! Featuring Zoom Air technology in the forefoot, they offer exceptional responsiveness and superior cushioning on any playing surface. Furthermore, the breathable mesh upper ensures optimal ventilation for your feet. Are you looking for a perfect mix of speed, agility and support during the most demanding matches? Challenge 1 are perfect for you!


Nike continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing high-quality tennis shoes that offer maximum support and comfort for athletes of all levels. The Nike Court Lite 4, Nike Zoom GP Challenge 1 and Nike Zoom GP Challenge Pro models are just the latest example of the innovation and attention to detail that characterize this brand. Choose the model that's right for you and get ready to dominate the court. Then discover the new Nike Premium colorways of the J'Aime collection created for the French Open.