Joma Set Clay - Volt/Black T.SETS-911
Joma Set Clay - Volt/BlackJoma Set Clay - Volt/BlackJoma Set Clay - Volt/Black

Joma Set Clay


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Volt/Black Cod: JOTF91007     Mod: T.SETS-911
  • Joma Set Clay - Volt/Black
  • Joma Set Clay - Blue
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Joma Set Clay - Volt/Black T.SETS-911

Joma Set Clay

Joma Set high performance men's tennis shoes were developed for players that need more stability. Sole adapt to clay courts.


Micro PU and nylon upper
Rubber reinforcements for better support on lateral movements
Removable EVA insole with anatomical design
Three piece midsole for increased stability and support during movements
High quality rubber sole adapt to clay courts

Joma Set Clay - Volt/Black


Joma 360 360
Manufacturing system for sole and upper mounting providing natural weight distribution on foot strike.
Joma DurabilityDurability
A technology providing the sole with greater durability thanks to high resistance rubber slowing down the wear caused by abrasion, thus extending the life of the shoe.
Material used for the midsole and the insole enhancing cushioning by absorbing foot strike. This component is characterised by recovering it shape with greater ease in the transitional movement phase.
Joma Fix CounterFix Counter
A buttress at the heel providing better protection and greater comfort thanks to the new last's more ergonomic shape. The outside sections are manufactured using highly-resistant microfibre and the buttress inside is made of PVC and Foam.
Joma Glove SystemGlove System
A mounting system between the midsole and the upper providing greater comfort and reducing weight resulting in a single piece. Both parts are sewn together flat and without prominent seams.
Joma StabilisStabilis
A piece of TPU located in the narrowest part of the sole to avoid awkward rotation between the front and back part of the foot, thus achieving greater stability. In the upper range of the running models it is supplemented by a central triangular piece increasing the sole's consistency. In a tennis shoe it is located in the midsole to keep the tread firm during lateral movements.  
A ventilation system allowing for greater airflow within the shoe, keeping foot temperature constant.
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