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Head Prestige Pro Test

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Cod: HTR1270     Mod: 236101
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This racket is already strung with Multifilament string at a medium tension suggested by the manufacturer, However, you can choose a custom string by clicking on the stringing button.
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Head Size: 98
Weight: 320
Beam Width: 20
Balance: 310
Length: 27
String Pattern: 18x20
String Tension (range min - max): 22-26 kg
Bag: Not Included

The legendary Head Prestige - an icon of precision and competition - is updated in the 2022 version, with a new look and by adding a uniquely flexible Auxetic construction to the racquet’s yolk, that optimizes feedback according to impact location.
The design goes back to being black and dark burgundy, like the old Prestige Touch, for lovers of the classic color.

The Prestige Pro 2022 racquet is the heir to the Prestige MP, the 18 × 20 string pattern, the 98-inch head size and the weight of 320 grams, make it a decidedly competitive racquet suitable for well-trained players, looking for a racquet oriented to control, who preferably play all-field and who need a tool designed to offer maximum sensation in decisive shots, especially those at the net.

The "low" balance at 310mm makes the Pro very well balanced, to the advantage of wide and fast movements.

The Head Prestige Pro is not a racquet for everyone, but players who have the necessary experience to handle it, will find control, comfort and precision.

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