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Head Graphene 360+ Radical S Test

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Cod: HTR1243     Mod: 234131
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This racket is already strung with Multifilament string at a medium tension suggested by the manufacturer, However, you can choose a custom string by clicking on the stringing button.
You are adding to your basket a racquet already strung with Multifilament at a medium tension recommended by the manufacturer. Continue or customize your string.
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Head Size: 102
Weight: 280
Beam Width: 22-25-23
Balance: 320
Length: 27
String Pattern: 16x19
String Tension (range min - max): 22-26 kg
Bag: Not Included

The Head Graphene 360+ Radical S tennis racket features a larger head and a thicker profile than the Pro and MP models, making it the ideal companion for ambitious club players who want to experience the unique features of the Radical series.

A new frame for improved playability and a bold new fluo orange design, as well as having Graphene 360+ technology to increase flexibility, for a better feeling on impact with the ball.
The new Radical S is characterized by a denser string pattern, with a greater density in the central / upper part of the string bed, a choice that wants to offer greater control and at the same time greater tolerance on off-center hits.

To enhance the rotations and thrust there is then the adoption of the Sounds Grommets, grommets designed to offer more power thanks to the better sliding of the strings.
The versatility of the series is the result of the unique mix of a dynamic string pattern, a variable thin profile and overall well-balanced specifications that make this racquet a perfect and complete weapon for those who play all-court.

Extremely manageable and versatile, the Head Radical S has the perfect mix of power, control and spin: no shot will be impossible anymore.

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