DunlopPrecision Tour 98

Cod: DR708     Mod: 677043


Head Size: 98
Weight: 315
Beam Width: 22
Balance: 310
Length: 27
String Pattern: 18x20
String Tension: 23-28 kg
Bag / Fodero: Included
Dunlop Precision Tour 98 677043
view 360°Dunlop Precision Tour 98Dunlop Precision Tour 98Dunlop Precision Tour 98Dunlop Precision Tour 98
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Dunlop Precision Tour 98 677043

Dunlop Precision Tour 98

The heavier racket of the new Dunlop Precision Tour 98 offers players an exceptional assurance with absolute comfort!

This line is a perfect combination of classic design and advanced technologies for a mixing of precisione, touch and feel that let you control the game.
The innovative geometry of the frame is the key to providing maximum control and precision. Dunlop in fact, introduces the Hybrid Cross Section, a new frame with a hybrid cross section that combines a streamlined rounded profile for speed and power, with a box-profile to emphasize sensitivity and control.
The handle of Precision, however, comes with SRX technology, which thanks to a special combination of materials, filters jolting in faster and more efficient way to allow players to feel the ball and not the impact.

With the 98-inch oval, 18x20 string pattern and weight of 315 grams Dunlop Precision Tour 98 is the ideal tool for aggressive and dynamic players.


HybridCross SectionHybridCross Section
Hybrid power properties of an oval section in the head with the stability and comfort of a box section in the shaft portion of the racket helps to provide more power than previous models without loss of control.
More Power and Precision! 
With 30% wider flare without compromising weight. This updated ergonomic flare enhances racket control and stability in the hand.
Unique polymer contains micro beads of MOS2, mineral that reduces frition interaction between grommet and string by up to 27% allowing greater string movement for enhance power.
Glide polymer also reinforces the polymer matrix increasing durability and grommet life by up to 40%. 
Straight=Fast! Grommet holes, pegs and string are in exact alignment across the main hitting area, this allows for greater string moment and response. This increases the sweet spot size for more power, more spin and more forgiving feel.   
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