DunlopNT R 5.0 Spin

Cod: DR751     Mod: 677348


Head Size: 100
Weight: 299
Beam Width: 23-26-24
Balance: 330
Length: 27
String Pattern: 14x19
String Tension: 23-28 kg
Bag / Fodero: Included
Strung / Incordata: No
Dunlop NT R 5.0 Spin 677348
Dunlop NT R 5.0 SpinDunlop NT R 5.0 Spin
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Dunlop NT R 5.0 Spin 677348

Dunlop NT R 5.0 Spin

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La Dunlop NT Revolution 5.0 Spin, è ideata per garantire spin, potenza e ottimo assorbimento delle vibrazioni.
La racchetta ottimale per i tennisti ambiziosi che vogliono indirizzare i colpi oltre la rete con un grande spin.

I suoi 299gr di peso permettono una facilità ed una velocità negli scambi rapidi, l'ampio ovale facilita il gioco, mentre lo schema corde 14x19 imprime spin alla pallina, favorendo chi ama giocare in topspin.

Dotata delle tecnologie che aiutano aridurre le vibrazioni percepite, la Copper Wire Construction e la NT Weave situate a livello del grip limitano gli shock da impatto, mentre la tecnologia All In One garantisce un comfort migliore.

La raccehtta ideale per giocatori di club e tornei in cerca di un attrezzo potente con ottima capacità di spin.


AeroSkin CXAeroSkin CX
Dunlop has taken the concept of low drag surface texturing to a new level. Inspired by the textured skin of sharks and engineered in a wind tunnel, AeroSkin Cx smooth’s turbulent air and reduces drag by up to 36% to provide greater racket head speed for more penetrative shot making.
The racket and the grip are manufactured in one single piece of graphite. No other materials are used to form the grip.The ALL IN ONE CONSTRUCTION ensures excellent stabilityand perfect feel.
NT WeaveNT Weave
Additional copper fibres inside the racket shaft and at the top ofthe racket enhance the touch and ensure vibrations are absorbedin a special silicone pad at the bottom of the grip. Weight indications may vary slightly as a result of production
Copper Wire ConstructionCopper Wire Construction
Due to the combination of Copper Wire Construction and NT Weave you will experience a natural play feeling together with aggressive power and perfect spin.

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