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DunlopNT Hybrid 1.35/1.27 Set 12.2 mt

Orange/BlackCod: DS5350     Mod: 624783



Dunlop NT Hybrid 1.35/1.27 Set 12.2 mt - Orange/Black 624783
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Dunlop NT Hybrid 1.35/1.27 Set 12.2 mt - Orange/Black

Dunlop NT Hybrid 1.35/1.27 Set 12.2 mt

Dunlop NT Hybrid, the new arrival in the hybrid class from the English powerhouse, that offers maximum spin and effect maintaining its tension!

The hybrid system is made up of two diversely coated polyester strings that offer maximum power, spin and control.
The new NT Hybrid Orange + concept made up of a mix of material guarantees greater string stability in the area where the strings cross in order to produce even more spin and power!

The black vertical strings, which have a heptagonal section, and the orange horrizontal string, with a soft and smooth surface, offer an optimal mix that guarantees easy access to spin and exceptional feel.
Made with an exclusive coating that reduces the loss of string tension and helps maintain the durability for a longer period resulting in a better game.

Guage: 1.35/1.27
Color: Black/orange
12.2 mt Set

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