Dunlop Force 100 Lite 677012
Dunlop Force 100 LiteDunlop Force 100 Lite

Dunlop Force 100 Lite


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Cod: DR687     Mod: 677012Not Available


Head Size: 100
Weight: 260
Beam Width: 23/26/24
Balance: 340
Length: 27
String Pattern: 16x19
String Tension: 23-28 kg
Bag / Fodero: Included


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Dunlop Force 100 Lite

Dunlop Force 100 Lite

All the components of the new Force series have been engineered to promote a faster racket head and ball acceleration, coupled with some new technology enhancements to ensure all your potential energy is converted into raw power! 
The legendary Dulop ISIS handle has been re-engineered and optimised for todays game, this gives the Force amazing power with amazing feel! 

Weighing a mere 260gr, the Force 100 Lite is one the most lightweight racquet among the series, offering maneuverability and enhanced ball speed.
Its 16x19 string pattern and 340mm balance offer the perfect mix between power and control.

The new aerodynamic profile allows it to cut through the air at rapid speed, while the pentagonal shape design, though increases power, actually minimizes torsional twist increasing your level of control! Armed with these new technologies, you're prepared to bring explosive power to the court. 

The design is cheerful, dynamic, provides incisive strokes, offers responsive chassis and ideal for players looking for control, added speed and pin-point accuracy! 


Dunlop 5.0 - Pentagonal GeometryPentagonal Geometry
The shaft portion of the racket has been engineered to a 5 sided cross section which results in enhanced racket stiffness and power and also minimises torsional twist for increased levels of control.
Engineereing advances in the layup allow for a sharper leading edge up to 9% smaller cross section in hoop alowing the beam to cut through the air faster with more4 elastic power than conventional beams.
Revolutionary seamless grommet systemthat fuses high speed aeodynamics with piston like power.
Brigde like structures under the string deforms cushioning impact. Combined with oversized grommets holes this increases dwell time and feel.
The elastic bridge then rebounds accelerating the string bed forward to generate greater ball speed and spin. 
Straight=Fast! Grommet holes, pegs and string are in exact alignment across the main hitting area, this allows for greater string moment and response. This increases the sweet spot size for more power, more spin and more forgiving feel.   
AeroSkin CXAeroSkin CX
Dunlop has taken the concept of low drag surface texturing to a new level. Inspired by the textured skin of sharks and engineered in a wind tunnel, AeroSkin Cx smooth’s turbulent air and reduces drag by up to 36% to provide greater racket head speed for more penetrative shot making.
Unique polymer contains micro beads of MOS2, mineral that reduces frition interaction between grommet and string by up to 27% allowing greater string movement for enhance power.
Glide polymer also reinforces the polymer matrix increasing durability and grommet life by up to 40%. 
With 30% wider flare without compromising weight. This updated ergonomic flare enhances racket control and stability in the hand.
Updated pentagonal geometry in the shaft portion of the racket has been tuned to provide multi-directional aerodynamics allowing the racket to cut though the air faster whilst its unique 5 sided shape provides increased whip and elaaitc power.

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