Dunlop CX 200 Junior 25

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Head Size: 100
Weight: 232
Beam Width: 23-26-24
Balance: 318
Length: 25
String Pattern: 16x19
String Tension (range min - max): 23-28 kg
Bag: Included
Strung: Yes

The Dunlop CX 200 Junior 25 is a premium tennis racket for young tennis players from 9 to 12 years old and between 132 cm and 152 cm in height.
The frame design and low, unstrung weight of about 235 g provide a great feel for a young player.

Light and easy to handle, the ideal racket for young growing champions.

Supplied already strung by the factory and complete with sheath.

Grip size L0

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Dunlop HM6 Carbon TechnologyHM6 Carbon Technology
HM6 is inspired by one of the strongest, most efficient structures in nature, honeycomb. Its complex mass of hexagonal cells creates an incredible strong, lightweight structure that’s up to 95% air to naturally absorb impacts while maintaining its shape. Using a revolutionary new manufacturing process, Dunlop has taken high modulus carbon fibers and engineered them into a hexagonal structure. The HM6 Carbon material is placed between layers of Aerogel enhanced carbon to create an incredibly stable construction. HM6 Carbon is so effective because a hexagon is made up of six equal sides. When this construction is applied to a racket it means the unwanted racket frequencies are absorbed and distributed evenly, giving enhanced racket feel and minimal energy loss which equals maximum energy return. HM6 Carbon reduces racket frequency and vibration by up to 10% compared to previous Dunlop technology for ultimate energy return and feel.

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