Dunlop Apex Lite 3.0 677291
Dunlop Apex Lite 3.0Dunlop Apex Lite 3.0

Dunlop Apex Lite 3.0


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Cod: DR730     Mod: 677291
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Head Size: 100
Weight: 260
Beam Width: 23-25-23.5
Balance: 330
Length: 27
String Pattern: 16x19
String Tension: 23-28 kg
Bag / Fodero: Included
Strung / Incordata: Yes


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Dunlop Apex Lite 3.0 677291

Dunlop Apex Lite 3.0

The Dunlop Apex Lite 3.0 is the lightest racket of the Apex line, it benefits from a carbon fiber structure that absorbs shock on impact, filters negative vibrations and improves control.

Balanced towards the head to drive the ball, with VibroTech technology, the ball exits with power and precision, while Aeroskin technology reduces air resistance increasing wing and velocity.

For intermediate level players searching for a lightweight racket that is easy to handle.


Dunlop Aeroskin TechnologyAeroskin Technology
Aeroskin is inspired by the skin of the most highly evolved marine predator, the shark. Its streamlined body is covered in microscopic riblets which create localized turbulence which in turn reduce drag. This allows the shark to slice through the water with more speed and strike with more power. Like the shark, Aeroskin uses a unique textured skin that’s strategically applied to the surface of the racket, helping to smooth airflow around the frame and reducing drag. This makes the racket quicker through the air, generating more power, and more manoeuvrable, improving a player’s reaction time. Aeroskin reduces aerodynamic drag by up to 25% compared to previous Dunlop technology for increased racket speed and power.
Dunlop HM6 Carbon TechnologyHM6 Carbon Technology
HM6 is inspired by one of the strongest, most efficient structures in nature, honeycomb. Its complex mass of hexagonal cells creates an incredible strong, lightweight structure that’s up to 95% air to naturally absorb impacts while maintaining its shape. Using a revolutionary new manufacturing process, Dunlop has taken high modulus carbon fibers and engineered them into a hexagonal structure. The HM6 Carbon material is placed between layers of Aerogel enhanced carbon to create an incredibly stable construction. HM6 Carbon is so effective because a hexagon is made up of six equal sides. When this construction is applied to a racket it means the unwanted racket frequencies are absorbed and distributed evenly, giving enhanced racket feel and minimal energy loss which equals maximum energy return. HM6 Carbon reduces racket frequency and vibration by up to 10% compared to previous Dunlop technology for ultimate energy return and feel.
Dunlop VibroTechVibroTech
Wider string loopholes with softer eyelets in the bridge zone allow the ball to remain longer on the strings, improving the trampoline effect to increase power and reducing vibrations.
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