Babolat Pure Drive

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Cod: BR1157     Mod: 101435
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Head Size: 100
Weight: 300
Beam Width: 23-26-23
Balance: 320
Length: 27
String Pattern: 16x19
String Tension (range min - max): 23-27 kg
Recommended String: RPM Power - Xcel
Bag: Not Included
Strung: No

Versatility continues to be the main feature of the new Pure Drive range, explosive power, stability and unmatched feel!


At first glance you immediately notice the change of look, light blue and midnight blue, with the word Drive placed on both sides of the throat of the racket.


Babolat further improves its iconic racket, with the inclusion of two new technologies: the HTR (High Torsional Rigidity) system, which improves torsional stability to provide a more effective response from the baseline and place shots of great intensity; and SWX (Smac Wrap eXtended) Pure Feel technology, which filters vibrations, keeping only those that provide the best sensation on impact with the ball.


The technical specifications remain unchanged, namely 100-inch stringbed, 300 grams of weight, variable profile, 320 mm balance and 16x19 string pattern.


Compared to previous versions you will have more control, more solidity and excellent impact stability.


The racket chosen by Fabio Fognini is the modern racquet par excellence, powerful but precise, a competitive and performing model, accessible to a wide range of players.

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Babolat New FSI PowerNEW FSI Power
Babolat redesigns the FSI Power string pattern, which is associated with diamond-shaped grommets and a larger space between the strings, allowing you to increase the sweet spot to gain power, spin and center the ball easily.
Babolat Elliptic GeometryElliptic Geometry
To increment greater resistance to torque and flex, babolat has made the frame 20% more rigid with respect to traditional frames, in this way players can enjoy increased power. In addition, it is the first and most effective system that allows for the frame and the strings to react on impact with the ball: 25% added contact between ball and strings. Better control, increased comfort.  
Babolat HTR SystemHTR System
(High Torsional Rigidity)
A new lay-up composition for an improved High Torsional Rigidity to yield unseen explosivity, especially on powerful shots played at high intensity
Babolat SWX Pure FeelSWX Pure Feel
New technology featuring extended wrapping of “SMAC” technology. This cutting-edge vibration filtration system integrated in the lay-up provides an unrivaled feel at ball impact a unique sound on every shot

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