Babolat Pure Drive 2018 101334
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Babolat Pure Drive 2018


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Cod: BR1029     Mod: 101334
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Head Size: 100
Weight: 300
Beam Width: 23-26-23
Balance: 320
Length: 27
String Pattern: 16x19
String Tension: 23-27 kg
Bag / Fodero: Not Included
Strung / Incordata: No


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Babolat Pure Drive 2018 101334

Babolat Pure Drive 2018

Pure Drive's power and sensations are renewed with content and technology aimed at feeling, comfort and control, without losing its proverbial ease of use.

Babolat reinvents its iconic racquet with a new look and a new design, proposing two new technologies (FSI Power and Cortex Pure Feel) to offer greater sensations along with its legendary power.

The FSI Power is an optimized tapping system featuring new louder eyelets for a sweet spot. The result is the maximum power at every shot, even if out of center.

From the collaboration with SMAC, an innovative aerospace company, the new Cortex Pure Feel technology, the vibration absorption technology, has created the unmatched comfort. The new Cortex also gives greater harmony to the attachment of the stems to the handle and aesthetics much less than the previous model.

This new version marks the return of blue, even more electric and lighter, for a more modern and lively racket.
Detail the inner trim of the rope plate, which features a series of relief mini-holograms, which make the frame shine in any light condition.

Well-known for its power, the legendary Pure Drive, offers the utmost comfort and a feeling of the blow ever gained so far. Each player will have the necessary security to try everything in the field, but above all will get maximum performance.

Babolat Pure Drive 2018


New FSI PowerNEW FSI Power
Babolat redesigns the FSI Power string pattern, which is associated with diamond-shaped grommets and a larger space between the strings, allowing you to increase the sweet spot to gain power, spin and center the ball easily.
Cortex Pure FeelCortex Pure Feel
A new material, SMACWRAP® (thin viscoelastic rubber), used in the aerospace industry to reduce vibrations has been developed from the partnership between Babolat and SMAC (French Aerospace Enterprise). This material has been integrated into the racquet frame graphite to reduce impact vibration and ensure greater sensitivity.
Elliptic GeometryElliptic Geometry
To increment greater resistance to torque and flex, babolat has made the frame 20% more rigid with respect to traditional frames, in this way players can enjoy increased power. In addition, it is the first and most effective system that allows for the frame and the strings to react on impact with the ball: 25% added contact between ball and strings. Better control, increased comfort.  
GT TechnologyGT Technology
GT (Graphite-Tungsten) technology, is based on a new material constructed of graphite fibers intertwined with tungsten filaments. In fact, the tungsten placed at stategic points of the frame, guarnatees twice the amount of rigidity with respect standard carbons and assures more power.

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