Head Speed 2024

Head Speed 2024: Dominate the court with Sinner's Racket of Choice!


Elegant design

Let's start with the aesthetics of the rackets, a crucial element for many players. The Head Speed range retains its iconic black and white combination, albeit with a subtle variation in color compared to previous models. The matte finish and velvety texture add a touch of refinement, while the specifications placed in the handle show particular attention to detail.

Weight variations and specifications

The Speed Tennis racket series offers a wide range of weights and specifications to accommodate different playing preferences. From the lighter Team model to the heavier Pro model, each racket is designed to meet the needs of players with different styles.

Auxetic 2.0

Auxetic 2.0 technology, a key element of this series, has been improved to offer an even more balanced feeling during gameplay. This advanced damping system reduces unwanted vibrations, improving the responsiveness and stability of the racket. The evolution of Auxetic reflects Head's commitment to delivering optimal performance, maintaining a balance between power and control. This innovation demonstrates the brand's continued dedication to remaining at the forefront of the tennis racket industry.

Experience on the field

Experience on the field

The new Head tennis rackets have conquered the scene thanks to the exceptional performance that emerged during field tests. Real data revealed intriguing variations between different models: some excelled in speed and spin, while others showed impeccable accuracy. The feel and handling of each racket offers a unique playing experience, adapting to different player preferences.

Sinner's choice

Sinner's choice

The SPEED MP 2024, which combines power with control, is the choice of all advanced players who aim to best manage fast and aggressive play. The new Auxetic 2.0 technology offers an improved feel and maximum sensitivity with every shot.

The models

Template recommendations

Head has redefined the tennis experience with its innovative range of Speed rackets. Each model offers a unique mix of power, control and maneuverability, designed to meet the needs of players of all levels:


Head Speed Pro 2024 (Maximum Control and Precision): the ideal choice for advanced players who require maximum control and precision in shots. Dominating the game with this racket offers a competitive advantage;

Head Speed MP 2024 (Balance between Power and Control): recommended for players looking for versatility. Offers an optimal mix of power and control to adapt to different playing styles;

Head Speed MPL 2024 (Moderate Weight Versatility): A versatile choice for a varied playing style. The moderate weight makes it suitable for those who love to experiment, offering a balance between power and control;

Head Speed Team 2024 (Agility and Lightness): perfect for those looking for a light feel and agile movements on the pitch. Ideal for players who focus on reaction speed.