Head Graphene Touch Radical


Even more Head. Even more Radical. Finally, the Austrian brand introduces a new line; the password? Versatility!

Head Graphene Touch Radical Pro

HEAD Radical Pro

The Head Radical Pro is designed for the most experienced. The rope pattern is the classic 16x19 but the size of the 98-inch plate, the weight of 310 grams and the 315mm balance are unique features for those who have a good "hand racket". Balance to the handle, for example, is typical of the professionals who demand to "feel" the racquet and have no problem giving power to the ball. This racket maintains a good balance in field and network exchanges, it is also accurate at high speeds.

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HEAD Radical MP

The Head Radical MP is the softest version of the Pro: the same size of the plate and the same string pattern, but with a 5mm balance shifted to the head and a weight of 295 grams. The MP is Head's "medium" racket: suitable for first-time men, who occasionally play, but also for those of a high level, wants a racket that is not too heavy, maneuverable and allows great power and spin on the ball . Ideal for those who play and strike down the field but is not afraid to go down the net.

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Head Graphene Touch Radical MP
Head Graphene Touch Radical S

HEAD Radical S

Head Radical S means spin and power! With profile 22/25/23 - bigger than at 20/23/21 of Pro and MP - the 102-inch square-foot plate weighing just 280 grams, this racquet, thanks to a big sweetspot, guarantees good speeds of shots and great effects even when the ball is not perfectly centered. Network performance is the best, lightness and great maneuverability make it quick and precise. The new Radical S is designed for beginners, for ladies and for those who are simply looking for a playable racquet that can ensure rotation and power.

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Head Radical Lite

The Lite is the lightest of the new Head Radical family. 102 square inches flat, 340 mm balancing, 16x19 rope pattern and 260 grams weight; lightweight and maneuverable, this is the ideal racket for those looking for power and ease of play. The balance shifted to the head guarantees the power of the shots, the plate of 102 sq. in. and the reduced weight, respectively, a good useful impact surface and a great maneuverability. This racket is ideal for beginners, kids and anyone looking for a fast and easy to play racket.

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Head Graphene Touch Radical Lite
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