Dunlop CX Series

Dunlop CX Series: Control above all else.

The news

Many new features on a technological level : a new updated and enlarged string pattern ( POWERGRID STRINGTECH+ ) to increase spin and power, and new features in the frame structure that increase stability, to the benefit of comfort and feeling on the ball. Also in this new series we find BASF's SONIC CORE INFINERGY® core inside the frame, which seals the high quality that Dunlop pursues in the construction of its frames. A guarantee for those looking for great value equipment.

CX 200: top of the class

Of all of them, the CX 200 is certainly the most interesting racket in Dunlop's new CX range, perfectly embodying the balance and versatility that expert players are looking for. With a 98 inch string head, a weight of 305 grams (frame only) and a balance of 315 mm, CX 200 offers an ideal mix of control and power, accompanied by a sensitivity that satisfies tennis players looking for a racket adaptable to multiple play styles. The frame, designed for pinpoint precision, responds impeccably even when you decide to hit hard, demonstrating exceptional ability to manage both power and control. The maneuverability and spin generation are further strong points of the CX 200, which is confirmed as the optimal choice for those looking for a perfect balance between aggression and control on the pitch. She is therefore the recommended choice for those who love to vary the game by adapting to the match and counting on a faithful ally.

Then there is the CX 200 LS , which is the take-down of the CX 200: practically identical to the CX 200 in terms of shape and size of the frame but with a weight exactly 15 grams less and 10 mm more balance. Excellent for those who often find themselves having to prolong rallies or for those who don't want to strain their joints too much.

The Tour versions

The Tour versions

Precision and versatility for the complete tennis player.

Dunlop's new CX family offers two Tour variants of the CX 200, designed to enhance specific game strategies: the version with 18x20 string pattern, ideal for those who prefer flat shots and seek maximum precision, and the 16x19 variant, perfectly suited to those makes topspin his signature on the court. Both rackets are ideal for the needs of pure tennis players, who have the ability to execute every type of shot with mastery.

The CX 200 Tour 18x20 with its denser string pattern offers a superior feeling of control, and is perfect for players who like to dominate the rally with precise and defined shots. This configuration promotes impact stability and greater predictability of the ball's trajectory, fundamental aspects for those who construct the point with meticulousness and precision.

In contrast, the CX 200 Tour 16x19 is designed for those who rely on topspin as a distinctive element of their game. The greater spacing between the strings facilitates the generation of high rotations. This version is a great fit for players looking to add more depth and aggression to their shots.

The CX 400 model

100 inch Head size for the CX 400

For those who mainly play baseline and are fond of the 100 size head, there are two alternatives ready to offer that extra bit of power that never hurts: 300 gram CX 400 Tour and 285 gram CX 400 , both with 16x19 string pattern . The CX 400 Tour amazed us with the ease of its shots and its propensity to "help" the arm, especially in the two-handed backhand and in difficult recoveries. She also forgives less centered shots and really manages to be very offensive in baseline exchanges. The 285 gram CX 400 is very manageable and powerful, the balance at 330 mm makes it a little rebellious in the serve and in the full-arm forehand, but a few minutes of play is enough to get to know it better and understand that it is better not to overdo it. We recommend it to women and growing kids who don't want to go up to 300 grams.

The Oversize: CX 200 OS:

An oversized frame could not be missing to complete the 2024 Dunlop CX range. The new CX 200 OS boasts a 105 square inch oval, which we consider very well balanced compared to the 108-110 that are generally presented. After a few minutes of dribbling with the CX 200 OS you forget you have a "racket" in your hand and it becomes pleasant to feel the shots come out with power even when the movement is not very large. We recommend it to amateurs who want to get maximum thrust in their shots even without forcing much.

Great Expectations for 2024 - 2025

Looking ahead to the next two years, the expectations around Dunlop's new CX line are exciting. The new series, with its commitment to providing control, precision and versatility, is destined to grow and establish itself in the world of tennis. We are confident that this line will not only meet but exceed the needs of elite players, further cementing Dunlop's reputation as synonymous with excellence and innovation.