Australian Tennis Collection

On the pitch with Australian: wear the quality of Made in Italy

With its new clothing collection , Australian continues to embody the legacy of quality and style that has made the brand an icon in the world of tennis. Each garment is created with care and precision. What distinguishes Australian garments is the use of high quality materials , carefully selected to ensure comfort , freshness and optimal performance . From the innovative breathable fibers that keep the body cool and dry during intense gaming sessions, to the stretch fabrics that offer maximum freedom of movement, every detail has been taken care of with the utmost attention to ensure an unparalleled gaming experience!

Abstract Collection: where performance meets elegance

With its new collection Australian wanted to offer tennis enthusiasts a complete range of garments that satisfy every taste and style. Abstract features bold designs and unbeatable performance, designed to take your game to new heights and make you stand out on the court with unprecedented style. The undisputed protagonist of this capsule is blue, a color that embodies the essence of modern tennis. Its bright shades create the right contrast with the colors of the pitch and capture the dynamic spirit of the game. With the Australian Abstract Collection, you'll not only reach new levels of performance, but you'll do it in style that won't go unnoticed.

Abstract & Legend Collection - Copia

Legend Collection: a touch of history in modernity

Australian Legend combines the vintage charm of the tennis of the past with the comfort and technologies of the contemporary one. The Legend collection is designed for enthusiasts who appreciate tradition and class, and the typical colors of early tennis are proof of this: white, cream, burgundy and blue which evoke an era in which the game was imbued with sophistication. These tones not only add a touch of history to your look, but also a sense of distinction that stands out on any court. Discover the entire line, whether you are attracted by the boldness of the Abstract or the elegance of the Legend, you will surely find the perfect garment to express yourself at your best.