Head Speed Junior 23 2018 235428
Head Speed Junior 23 2018Head Speed Junior 23 2018

Head Speed Junior 23 2018


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Head Size: 95
Weight: 215
Beam Width: 20
Balance: 275
Length: 23
String Pattern: 16x18
Bag / Fodero: Included
Strung / Incordata: Yes
Speed Junior 23 2018
Head Speed Junior 23 2018 235428

Head Speed Junior 23 2018

The Junior Speed series has changed look, with inspiration from the adult line!

Made of a lightweight material with a graphite base, the Head Speed Jr 23 has a weight and specifications perfect for kids between the ages of 6 and 8 and between a height of 114 cm and 126 cm, looking to play the the champion Novak Djokovic.

The entire line comes strung by the manufacturer and complete with racket cover.


Innegra is today the world's lightest fiber. Its extreme solidity combined with HEAD Advanced Carbon technology has enabled the creation of a new high performance structure. This new composite structure HEAD Innegra is integrated in the frame to reduce vibrations on impact and increase stability. the vibrations, in fact, are reduced 17% in order to assure maximum control and precision. Additionally, the frame maintains its original structure for a longer period of time, wihtout losing any if its characteristics, increasing, in a big way, the performance of the racquet.
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