Asics Men Daru T-Shirt - Lemon/ChromeRock

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Asics Men Daru T-Shirt - Lemon/ChromeRockAsics Men Daru T-Shirt - Lemon/ChromeRock
Asics Men Daru T-Shirt - Lemon/ChromeRock 7520T1.QFL9

Cod: XTAM11002     Mod: 7520T1.QFL9


Liberty of movement without distractions: the mens Asics Daru tennis shirt presents a breathable design created to help you give your all on the court.
The particular cuts allow for free liberty of movement giving you performance and comfort while the Lser Burn-Out Technology with mesh inserts to favor ventilation and breathability.
Fabric : 100% polyester
Asics Product Code : 7520T1-QFL9
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